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All about Nano & Me

Our aim with nano&me is to provide balanced information about nanotechnologies
and be the hub of debate for everyone to discuss the important issues which arise from its use.

For information... is a website for anyone who wants to know more about nanotechnology. You might have heard something on the news you wanted to check out, or be a small business thinking about using a nanomaterial and want to know about regulation or safety issues. You could be a school child needing information for a project or just be curious to know what on earth it is.

...and debate

We want this site to be the hub of debate about nano related issues - particularly the social and ethical concerns which arise from some of its uses.

To find out more about The Responsible Nano Forum who has produced this site and how we go about trying to achieve balanced information go to All about Nano&me.

All about nano&me

What you'll find here

We have picked what we think are the most important issues about nano for the public, but also have information which might help others, such as small businesses or schools.

We are hoping in the full site to have a section
on ‘Nano News’, more about what Research is happening, information about individual products using nano and live debates and events about social and ethical issues.

What is Nano?
Nano Products
Nano Safety
Social & Ethics
The Nano Debate

Tell us what you want to see

This is a pilot of the site, so there’s a lot more to come. To make sure we include what is needed we are asking all sorts of people to take a look and tell us what they would find useful, what we’ve got wrong and what would be great to have on a full site. We really need your views to make it work – join the debate on every page or in the Nano Debate section.